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Alphaniti is a multi-asset class, data driven, rule based and tech led investment platform.

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India Capex

A thematic play on the revival of the capex cycle in India backed by increased government spending.


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Go Green

A thematic play on the emerging “green economy”.


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Makaan, Gaadi Aur Lifestyle

A thematic play on the great Indian middle-class dream!


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India Titans

A thematic play on Large organized players becoming larger!


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*Some of our top performing baskets. As on October 2, 2023. TnC apply.

Why Alphaniti?

Track Record

Over 10 decades of collective experience in Institutional Investment Management


Built on Mathematical/ Statistical models

Performance Focused

Rule based and periodic/ dynamic rebalancing

Intense Research

Fundamental & Quant based Big data & Alternates

Investment Philosophy

At Alphaniti, we use a combination of bottom-up and top-down approach for constructing the baskets. Each stock that we pick is carefully studied by the investment committee team, we go deep in our research and only pick those stocks which are fundamentally strong, fit the underlying theme, is at a reasonable valuation, have strong corporate governance, and importantly stocks that have visible triggers for potentially creating long term wealth for the investors.

Our investment committee has a collective experience of over 7 decades.



  • Single stock recommendation engine
  • Statistical models rigorously backtested
  • For traders & short-term investors


  • High Conviction Portfolios
  • Theme based & Multi-Cap
  • Quarterly Re-balancing

alphabaskets pro

  • High Conviction Portfolios
  • Multi-Cap Diversified Approach
  • Blend of Bottom Up with Top Down


  • Algo based Portfolio Strategies
  • Smart Beta
  • Value, Growth, Factor, Momentum based

ETF Corner

  • ETF based portfolios
  • Low-cost basket of passives
  • Asset Allocation to optimize risk/return

Subscription Plans


* Subscription valid for 6 months


  • Stock recommendation based on Proprietary Research
  • Well-defined target and stop-loss
  • Recommendations for multiple time horizons (short, medium & long term)
  • Risk Reward for every trade


* Subscription valid for 6 months


  • alphabasket
    • Thematic portfolios backed by thorough fundamental research
  • alphastrategies
    • Algo-based strategies which are rigorously back-tested

Fees Charged on
Invested AUA


  • alphabasket pro
    • High Conviction Long-term portfolios with an objective of wealth creation
    • Algo-based strategies which are rigorously back-tested
    • Investment thesis for our high conviction stock ideas